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Thread: Web Interface onto Zend Tool

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    Default Web Interface onto Zend Tool

    Hello All,

    I am thinking of building a web application (using the Zend Framework of course ) that allows the user to create a new Zend Framework by entering in all of their desired modules, models, controllers, views, etc. and descriptions. The idea is that you could plan out your application, enter it into this tool. The application would create a framework complete with all the necessary files containing comments and "to do" text based on the descriptions. The application would allow the user to then download these files as a TAR or ZIP. It would just be a web application interface to Zend_Tool that also injects some comments. Finishing the application would then be a matter of writing all the real code for every file.

    I manage a team of developers. I would use this tool to kick off our new projects. The team would agree on the MVC architecture that we want and then use the tool to put the appropriate files into a framework. Then it would be easy to delegate different tasks to different programmers. (ie Programmer 1, you connect model Foo to the DB, Programmer 2, you code and style view Bar).

    I would make this tool available publicly if there is any interest. I'm also open to feature changes or suggestions. I hope this is the correct place to ask.


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    Sure. Can you give us screenshots and a download link if possible.

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    Edited: Nevermind.
    I seem to have missed the entire point of the post.
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    Seems like a really good project. I always tell myself to write a base for a new ZF project but eventually never do, so the biggest step in getting a new app under way is to build the skeleton which then i turn into application.

    Your tool would be perfect and I really do wich it will evolve into an actual web application.

    Keep us posted!

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