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Thread: Zend_View Enhanced

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    Default Zend_View Enhanced

    I'm never one to leave a forum empty .

    During yesterday I finished Draft 1 of a new proposal for Zend_View to try and beef up it's list of potential features in dynamically constructing Views from numerous sub-templates. If that's a bit too vague it allows you to apply Layouts, register values for other non-scoped templates to use, render templates from a different/same Module with its own variable scope, and a few other things.

    I've always felt the current Zend_View was underwhelming so here's a shot at making it happen. Where possible, a lot of the major code has even been refactored into View Helpers so as not to needlessly bloat the Zend_View_Abstract class.

    The thoughts and comments of those on this forum would be really appreciated. The proposal "References" section contains a link to the current source code in subversion. I'm still writing some final integration tests so I'm sure there's at least a few bugs lurking in it. A finalised version should appear in another week if anyone is interested in using outside of the Zend Framework core.

    Zend_View Enhanced - Pádraic Brady - Zend Framework Proposals - Zend Framework Wiki


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    Well done on getting the proposal accepted! An excellent contribution that i can't wait to use

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