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Thread: Form Select - Defaults to multi when name ends with []

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    Default [Solved] Form Select - Defaults to multi when name ends with []

    Hello there,

    I have this form that has subforms (my own implementation of model because I'm not a Zend_Form user) and all my elements on a subform ends with [] of course and that is the same as what subforms are used to be in Zend if I'm not mistaken.

    $s = new Zend_View_Helper_FormSelect;
    $s->formSelect($name, $value, $attribs, $choices);
    However, I have this SELECT element and because it ends with [], it is rendered as a multi-select element - which I don't want it that way.

    I have to edit Zend_View_Helper_FormSelect and commented out some parts so that the element is not set into multi if it ends with []. I only want it multi when I set the attribute.

            $value = array_map('strval', (array) $value);
            // check if element may have multiple values
            $multiple = '';
            // patched, remove this so that multiple is not set by default
            //if (substr($name, -2) == '[]') {
                // multiple implied by the name
                //$multiple = ' multiple="multiple"';
            if (isset($attribs['multiple'])) {
    I am not using the SELECT element as a multiple select because it is on a subform. Each row, there is a SELECT element.

    Is this a bug or there is a documented option to set this?

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    It is a feature

    But if you create the element like this it should work

    $element = new Zend_Form_Element_Select('selectbox', array('multiple' => false )) ;

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    I'm not using any Zend_Form_*. I was using Zend_View_Helper_Select.

    But that helps dude! I examined the attribs part of Zend_View_Helper_Select and found out that it removes the multi if multiple is false.

    Before, I think that the attribs only represents attrib="value", but when I take a closer look, select was a different case. It indeed removes it by this line:

                if ($attribs['multiple']) {
                    // True attribute; set multiple attribute
                    $multiple = ' multiple="multiple"';
                    // Make sure name indicates multiple values are allowed
                    if (!empty($multiple) && (substr($name, -2) != '[]')) {
                        $name .= '[]';
                } else {
                    // False attribute; ensure attribute not set
                    $multiple = '';
    The ELSE part.

    So I now need to revert my patch and alter my code:

    	 * Initialize class
    	 * @return void
    	public function init()
    		$this->_fields += array(
    			'companion_id'			=> array(),
    			'reservation_id'		=> array(),
    			'companion_title'		=> array(
    				'required'				=> true,
    				'viewHelpers'			=> array(
    					'formSelect'			=> array(
    						'attribs'				=> array(
    							'multiple'				=> false
    Thanks a lot!

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